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The FlipZees story

Donna and Andrea

We both enjoy make-up and fashion, but didn't want age to stop us looking our best.


Having tried other products on the market, and finding that they were either too bulky to carry around (magnifying mirrors) or the design made it impossible to apply make-up to both upper and lower lids, we decided to create our own version.


Donna is an electrician and Andrea works in fashion. We sat down around a kitchen table making prototypes from the nearest materials to hand - which happened to be electrical wiring! We then moved on to cutting up cheap reading glasses in our quest for the perfect magnifying make-up glasses.  Eventually after two years  - FlipZees were born.

Our unique double bridge design, in a slim frame with a single magnifying lens that rotates 360 degrees, mean FlipZees can be worn with the frame at the top or the bottom of the eyes. This makes it easy to apply make-up to both the upper eyelid/eyebrow and the lower lid, without experiencing any interference from the frame. FlipZees come in a range of strengths from +1.5 to +3.0 and, at the moment, in two colours - black and tortoiseshell.


Our very first attempt!


Early handmade prototype


FlipZees finally arrive in the UK

We hope that our invention can help you carry on looking your best as you get older. Don't let glasses get in the way of your make-up!


We'd love to hear how you get on with your FlipZees - send us an email at feedback@flipzeesglasses.com or post on our facebook page!


Andrea and Donna












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