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Don't let glasses get in the way of your make-up


Do you need glasses for reading and struggle to apply your eye make-up as a result? Do you balance your glasses precariously on your nose while you try to apply your eyeliner? Have you thrown away other make-up glasses because they just didn't work?


Then FlipZees are designed just for you - an easy and hassle free solution to apply eye make-up.


Available in a range of strengths and with a unique design, FlipZees, have a single magnifying and rotating lens, which means you can apply your full eye make-up (upper and lower lid) without any restrictions.


Give them a try and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!



"I couldn't believe how easy FlipZees were to use! I have been struggling to apply my make-up for the last few years and these are the perfect solution. I even have two pairs - one I keep in the bathroom and the other fits neatly in my make-up bag so I can reapply when I'm out."

Natalka Z, London

"Flipzees are such a great idea! Since needing reading glasses I've found it difficult to put on my make-up – these are the perfect solution, and really easy to use."

Clare P, Farnborough

"I've tried a ton of glasses and FlipZees by far are the best - the functionality is great, they feel quality and not flimsy like so many of the others. At last I can do my eye make-up easily!"

Tessa B, Yorkshire