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Choose your colour and strength



FlipZees come in four strength ranges from +1.50 (low range) to +3.0 (high range). If you already wear reading glasses,  then simply choose the strength nearest your own prescription.
Remember, when first wearing your FlipZees it may take a minute or two for your eyes to adjust to the prescription.



Choosing the right strength FlipZees


If you are unsure about which strength to choose, follow these steps before selecting your FlipZees.

Download the reading test card and print out on a sheet of A4 paper without resizing.
Please note, it's not possible to do this test without printing the test card.


Begin to read the text without your glasses. The test card has rows of text in different sizes that correspond to different glasses strengths. Start by reading the top line and move down the rows.


The first line that you can read clearly is your strength measurement (diopter).


What's inside the box

  • 1 pair of CE marked FlipZees magnifying make-up glasses (complying with current ophthalmic standards)
  • Microfibre protective pouch/lens cloth
  • Illustrated instructions for use